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Fair Use Policy

I know some people want to fetch their IP address from a automated script, this is generally OK, as long as you dont hammer the site with requests every second, an acceptable interval would be 1 request every 5 min at most. Your single script won't use many resources, but when you need to scale to 100K/1M's of other people doing the same daily, the infrastructure needed quickly goes out of hand, especially considering I don't recover even 20% of the monthly cost of running this site.

If you consistently fail to adhere to this fair use policy, I reserve the right to either block your traffic at the border router or return your IP as being

Please use either of these urls, when fetching the data from a script (it will also be much easier for yourself to parse):

The Fair Use Policy is only applicable to automated request, if you visit this site as a normal human person with a web-browser, there is no restriction on your use.


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